Avalon II Slot

In 2014, Avalon II Slot was published, following the roaring success of Avalon Slot in 2006. Microgaming, an award-winning developer, created both games, which put players on the trail of the Holy Grail. Avalon II features 8 bonus rounds, random bonuses, and a jackpot reward of 2,400,000 coins, and its gameplay is consistently tense.

Review of the Avalon II Slot – Create Your Own Legend

Continue reading if you’re prepared to embark on the adventure of a lifetime and restore Camelot’s grandeur by traversing enchanted forests in search of magical prizes and nonstop action. Here, we will explain precisely how to play and blast the reels of this game.



Avalon II Slot Images and Noises

As this game is developed by Microgaming, you can anticipate top-tier graphics, at least for 2014. The visual quality of this game is still excellent, but it utilizes a video slot format that has been replaced by MegawaysTM and quads. Nonetheless, this game is perennially popular and as it promises large rewards and exciting gameplay, it merits your attention. There are very few slot machines that are as immersive as Avalon II or offer as many exceptional bonus rounds!


Enter the Kingdom of Arthur and Create Your Own Legend

Avalon II Slot transports players to the time of knights, witches, enchantment, and Camelot under King Arthur. The objective of this slot machine game is to restore Camelot by recovering the Holy Grail. During the eight additional rounds, you will have the opportunity to create your own legend as you traverse the map and mystical land.


The slot’s namesake, Avalon, is the island where Excalibur was forged, and you’ll see the sword buried deep in the reels as you play, along with other symbols that contribute to the mythical staging, such as a ring, chalice, and playing card symbols, among others. This game’s soundtrack effectively evokes a sense of adventure as matching symbols illuminate the reels.


Avalon II Slot Machine Gameplay and Layout

Avalon II is a video slot with 5×3 reels and 20 fixed paylines, as are the majority of slot machines in 2014. Bets begin at 40p and increase to £7.50, making it accessible to all participants. Along the bottom of the reel frame are the autoplay (adjustable to total wager limit and wins) and spin buttons used to operate the slot machine. The paytable, which contains the game’s rules, is located at the bottom, far right, beneath the info icon, in case you need a reference while playing.


All-Way-Win Reels

Avalon II is a win-all-ways slot machine, which allows you to match symbols from both the left and right side of the reels, thereby increasing the number of ways to win.


Wild Avalon Logos

This slot’s wild symbol is the game’s logo, and it substitutes for other symbols to help create wins and payments for matching 2 to 5 symbols (as a wild can substitute anywhere along a winning betline, its value increases). Given that lines pay both ways and the highest-paying symbols offer payouts for matching just two symbols, the Avalon II Slot makes it feel incredibly simple to spin and win.


Avalon II Slot Symbols

On the reels of this game, which features King Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, Morgan, and the Black Knight as the highest-paying symbols (in descending order of value), are all of the emblematic characters you would expect to find in an Arthurian legend. The lower-paying symbols are colorful royals, A-J, and 10 and 9 icons.


Arthur and the Lady of the Lake Unpredictable Base Game Bonus Features

In this game, there are two arbitrary base game features that can activate at any time: Merlin and the Lady of the Lake. Merlin appears on the reels and uses his magic to grant either a cash prize or a multiplier. In contrast, the Lady of the Lake activates a wild reel, which may result in additional large victories. Both are visually outstanding and rich in random features, enhancing the overall gameplay of the base game.

Avalon II Extra Games: Choose from 8 Rounds.


In addition to win both ways reels, wilds, and random base-game bonuses, this action-packed slot game also features eight bonus stages for players to enjoy. The Holy Grail Scatter not only activates the game’s eight bonus rounds when it appears on reels 3-5 in any position, but it also pays out 100 times your total wager for 5 symbols. After that, you may choose your path of adventure from the following locations.


Lake of Legends: Create Excalibur anew

In the first bonus round, you’ll encounter the Lady of the Lake and be tasked with collecting Excalibur fragments by rolling dice and winning up to 12,000 coins. Each number on the dice corresponds to a piece of the sword, plus a multiplier; you will receive 10 rolls during which you must successfully reassemble Excalibur before the round concludes.


Pick Your Extra Wild in Misty Vale

The second bonus round consists of 15 free spins with additional wilds on the reels. Simply select which additional symbol you would like to become wild, and additional wilds will be added to the reels for the round. The additional wild symbol helps you create larger and better wins by substituting, and it also applies a 2x multiplier to any betline on which it appears!


Whispering Woods: Choose a Shield Bonus round number three, The Whispering Woods, offers you a selection of five shields, each of which conceals a monetary value of up to 160 times your wager. Players must select a single shield and then decide whether to end the round with the displayed cash reward, or to exchange it for another shield if they believe the initial award is insufficient.


Forest Falls: Growing Wilderness

The next available bonus round is Forest Falls, which is the second free spin round of the game, but comes with 20 free spins and expanding wilds that cover entire reels, increasing the possibilities of winning when they appear on reels 1 or 2!


Match the Helms to the Dusky Moors

You have already acquired Excalibur and a shield, but a helmet is still absent. Utilize the fifth bonus round to complete your armor by selecting helms that conceal multipliers. As soon as you find two identical helmets, the round will conclude, activating the payout.


Morgan’s Keep: Rolling Reels

The final free spins incentive, Morgan’s Keep, includes 20 Rolling Reels. Similar to cascading reels, here the winning symbols vanish, the remaining symbols roll into the gaps, and new symbols fall into the spaces created at the top of the reels, potentially producing new betline wins! In addition, each successful roll will increase the multiplier affixed to the next spin’s outcome!


Hall of Shadows: Battle of the Black Knight

As the slot’s second-to-last bonus feature, this one pits you against the Black Knight in a battle for the Holy Grail. Each blow you deliver results in a cash payout until you either win the round or the Black Knight defeats you!


Isle of Avalon: Fortune Wheel

Now, if you complete all of this magical slot machine’s bonus rounds, the game will award you with a turn on the Isle of Avalon Wheel of Fortune for an additional, celebratory cash reward!


Avalon II Slot Return to Player and Volatility

As a slot machine with minimal volatility, Avlon II has an RTP of 95.92% and offers slow and steady wins to players, who can choose their wager size. Specifically, the win-both-ways slot feature makes for an exciting gaming experience and frequent matches. This slot offers action-packed gameplay, and despite its age, it still feels modern and inventive. Very few online slots offer eight bonus rounds and this degree of player exploration.


The bonus rounds of this game reveal the complete depth and complexity of the gameplay, which goes a long way toward explaining why Avalon II remains a fan favorite among slot players worldwide to this day.

Avalon II Slot FAQs


How many paths to win are there in Avalon II?

There are 243 methods to win.


How do you advance through the incentive levels of the Avalon II slot machine?

To activate this slot’s eight additional rounds, you must activate them eight times and play through each one.


What is the maximum wager for Avalon II?

This game’s maximum wager is $7.50, with wagers beginning at $0.40.


What is the maximum payout for this slot machine?

When participating with the aforementioned restrictions, the maximum prize is 120,000 (2.4 million coins). Before playing this slot machine, you can review the paytable and game regulations for information on the maximum wager and maximum payouts.


What is the most appealing aspect of this Slot?

There are numerous reasons to appreciate spinning the reels of this slot, but the best part is the progression and flexibility of the eight bonus games – you’ll want to play them all!


What is the RTP for Avalon II?

The theoretical RTP of the Avalon II Slot is 959.20%.


Is it worthwhile to play the initial Avalon Slot machine?

Avalon II is the sequel to Avalon and includes additional incentives and gameplay. Because of this, we advise you to immediately begin playing Avalon II rather than Avalon Slot.


Our Verdict: Avalon II Slot Brings King Arthur’s Legend to Life

Are you prepared to participate and create your own adventure? Explore these leading Microgaming casinos and start playing today! Microgaming has developed a superb online slot game with a variety of additional features to keep players interested. This slot machine with an adventure and myth theme has generous rewards. Due to the slot’s minimal volatility, you are guaranteed to win frequently.

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